OnCore ELIXR 2022 Golf Ball


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Innovation from Core to Cover

Our best-selling, award-winning Tour ball just got even better!

The Enhanced ELIXR features the same three-piece construction and proprietary perimeter weighting as the original. But weve added a polybutadiene core that delivers an outstanding coefficient of restitution (CoR) for higher ball speed for even more carry and roll.

A firmer cover with a 350-dimple pattern (up from 318) and mid-compression delivers a pure feel off the club face and gives the new ELIXR superior greenside control, durability and unmatched performance in its category all for the same budget-friendly price of $29.99 a dozen. Order your dozen today!

Golf Ball Construction
  • 3-Piece Design
  • Urethane Cover
  • 350 Dimple Pattern
  • Mid-80s Compression
Golf Ball Features
  • Built for intermediate or advanced players
  • Low driver spin for optimal distance & control
  • Enhanced perimeter weighting for accuracy and control

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