Swing Caddie PT30 Putting Training Aid

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Know your stroke and minimize the guessing in your game. The Voice Caddie PT30 Putting Training Aid will give you the consistency you need on the green to sink more putts. The PT30 gives you putting that you can visualize. Take a few practice swings on the green as you estimate the distance on the hole. The Putting Caddie automatically calculates your putting distance, putter face angle and by how many degrees, putting direction, plus stroke tempo. Once you know your stroke, you can minimize the guessing in your game and play with confidence. Consistency is key for accuracy on the green. Easy to setup and use, the PT30 Putting Caddie quickly snaps onto your putter shaft to analyze your strokes and provide comprehensive feedback. It goes without saying that this putting companion is light, unobtrusive, and a necessary addition to your practice and play.

Key Features of the PT30 Putting Training Aid:

Putting Distance

  • The PT30 shows you the distance of your putt or, if you are practicing with limited room, the distance your ball would have gone.

Putter Face Angle

  • The PT30 will show you whether your face was open, straight, or closed, and by how many degrees. You can also see whether you pushed or pulled your stroke.

Putting Time and Stroke Tempo

  • Stroke tempo is as important as swing for your drivers and irons. The PT30 measures and displays your back to forward stroke ration. You can also change the display to see the total time for your putt instead.

Green Speed

  • Not every green is created equal, so the PT30 lets you set the green speed to get a more accurate reading and distance prediction.

Metres and Feet

  • The PT30 includes unit selection so that you can practice comfortably
  • To see a demonstration of the PT30 pop in to my teaching bay at the driving range

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