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The TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Edition golf ball is a collaboration between Bridgestone Golf and Tiger Woods to allow golfers to play the exact ball Tiger uses in competition. From the unmistakable ‘TIGER’ side stamp to each ball having a number 1, this is the exact golf ball Tiger tees up. From a performance perspective, the TOUR B XS-TW edition balls are identical to the standard TOUR B XS model.


  • The TOUR B XS to features the new REACTIV cover technology.
  • Until now, you had to choose more distance or more spin. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball.
  • Designed to fit golfers with tour fast swing speeds of over 105mph.
  • New TOUR B XS has softer feel and maximum green side spin, allowing you to stop approach and pitch shots on a dime.
  • Commemorative Tiger Woods major themed packaging.
  • “TIGER” marking/logo on each ball.

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