Wilson Staff Model Blade Iron Set

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From the beautifully crisp top line to the triple-knurled hosel, the new Staff Model Blades played by Gary Woodland and Brendan Steele, offer a level of fit and finish rarely seen in a production iron. Individually milled face and score lines throughout the set give these blades incredibly precise control, allowing you to shape shots with ease and confidence.

Precision Milled Muscle
Precision milled for precise, consistent weighting and specs from club to club, and set to set.

Diamond Scoreline Pattern
A throwback design element used to frame the scoreline pattern on the face.

Fluid Feel Hosel
Adapted from our classic Wilson Dyna-Powered irons, this design eliminates unnecessary weight in the hosel, and allows a larger head and wider sole for increased playability.

Optimized Sole Camber compared to FG Tour
100, Staff Model blades feature a more slightly more rounded sole radius compared, front to back. This keeps the clubs out of the grass and on the ball for more consistent hits.

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