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Stability Refined

Stability is the calling card of the Spider family. With the all-new Spider SR, TaylorMade delivers refined stability through a multi-material design with wing back weights. Combined with the new Fluted Feel shaft, Tour-proven Pure Roll insert and the white True Path, this putter delivers the stability, feel and alignment of a Spider.


Easy Aim & Alignment

Drawing on archerys pinpoint precision, the newly engineered arrow-shaped True Path is optically designed to make it easier for golfers to aim. It is positioned in the cavity away from the leading edge, providing a clear focal point that is the exact width of a golf ball. It helps with consistent address positions and face direction.

Stability & Feel

Our first ever Fluted Feel shaft is designed to enhance¯feel in the putting stroke while maintaining the stability and forgiveness Spider putters are known for.

Shaped for Forgiveness

The Tour-inspired double wing shape is engineered for forgiveness, using multi-material construction with precision weighting to enhance MOI and deliver consistent rolls across the face. 

Precision Swing Weight

Swing weight is optimized for precise performance using the two wing weights, which are customized to complement the length of the putter. Weight options in 10g steel , 15g tungsten and 20g tungsten.

Tour-Proven Technology

Played by the worlds best, Pure Roll inserts produce better sound and feel while 45 grooves increase topspin and help the ball start¯and stay on its intended line.*


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