Titleist Loyalty Rewarded 4 for 3 Golf Ball Promotion


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Important Program Notes

  • Inappropriate imprints – Acushnet Company reserves the right to decline any order based on the inappropriate nature of an imprint, this includes imprints that are demeaning or disparaging to a person or group as well as any that contain words/phrases that are in our estimation, obscene or offensive
  • Country Club – club event or imprints with club names are not eligible for this program, Acushnet Company offers sales programs to cover all event/club needs
  • Corporate imprints – names of companies can be done 1 time (3+1) unless it includes unique names/initials in the imprint for each 3+1 order, tagging for different individuals does not qualify, the imprint needs to be unique
  • Single marks of punctuation – such as a period, comma, asterisk etc. are not eligible for the program, a minimum of 8 of these characters in a row to be deemed a qualifying imprint
  • Font for all orders will be KABEL and uppercase only
  • Custom imprints operate at a 4-6 week lead time

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