XXIO 12 LADIES IRON Set with Graphite Shafts


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Exclusively designed to add speed and accuracy to every Iron shot you make, these inexplicably ultralightweight clubs can take your on-course confidence to new heights while also lowering those scoresall without the need to increase your normal swing tempo. Experience the Difference.

Swing Light

With Clubs Exclusively Designed for Women

With enhanced distance and easy-swing technologies on the new XXIO 12 Ladies Irons, you’ll achieve effortless speed and purer strikes. It’s only possible with XXIO. Experience the Difference.

Irons Exclusively for You

Swing easy and strike it pure with premium XXIO 12 Ladies Irons. Featuring remarkably ultralightweight construction, world-class softness, and new ball speed technologies, you can achieve enhanced striking distance and better spin simply by swinging naturally.

Our Fastest Faces

Our thinnest Titanium Iron Faces ever allow the entire face to flex more extensively. Synchronously, a secondary Rebound Frame flex zone in the sole, supported by the Iron’s rigid body, amplifies ball speed to reach unprecedented leve

Progressive variable face thickness and a tungsten-nickel weight in the toe optimize speed, stability and launch for every loft. A lower Center of Gravity for Long Irons creates more carry; a higher one for Short Irons emphasizes control.

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